Thursday, February 24, 2011

Green Campaigns

After learning, a couple of weeks ago, that the concepts of Climate Change and Global Warming are less well-known, liked and accepted than a sound mind might assume, we looked into some of the campaigns aimed at reminding people about their reality and danger. They range from beautiful to horrible, over funny and sexy, touching upon the awe-inspiring and breath-taking.

The Lithuanian artist Tomas Kauneckas wants to attract the attention of the public to the problem of water shortage & to remind us we shouldn't waste it. In his exposition he plays with the concept of (water) guns.

The Yes Men, a group of activists who practice "identity correction" by pretending to be powerful people and spokespersons for sell-known organizations like offering technical solutions to all types of global problems. Their latest technical solution is the SurvivaBall.

The people from "Chevron Thinks We're Stupid" are aiming their poisonous publicity at the environmental disasters of the recent past and other green and social issues. They use pop-culture & striking pictures to get the attention of the people.

The People from 350 chose to go the sexy way. They assembled some models to show how 'hot' the world was getting... (PG 13)

The most well-known advertiser, of course, is the WWF. They use a combination of shock, strangeness and beauty to get their message across.

The WWF people also created this very nice video, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all.

Finally there are the people from Plane Stupid, who are targeting the aeroplane industry for their enormous ecological footprint. The following video is quite shocking and certainly not for the faint of heart (PG 13).

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